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The PLANTS OMCA srl, established in 1960, specializes in the design and construction of chemical, pharmaceutical, food and construction of pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, reactors, columns, agitators, filter dryers pressure, vacuum dryers, mixers, powder, filter plates and tip, package systems, built according to regulations and welding procedures nationally and internationally.

With the experience and high professionality of the staff has been able to reach not only the objective of quality, but also the rapid and economic technological response to the needs of the customers.

The types of materials used as well as the 300 and 400 series stainless steels are Duplex, Monel alloys-Nickel-alloys, Inconel and Incoloy and Hastelloy which are all welding procedures and qualifications of welders constantly renewed.

The finishing of our products shall be decided from time to time with the customers based on their needs, in addition to simple pickling and passivation, our company manufactures mechanical finishes of glazing and polishing, also with the help of specialized companies, upon request, are realized electro polishing especially when it is in the presence of machines for sterile products.

The Technical Department of OMCA srl PLANTS develop draft designs and develops systems and equipment on the basis of specific requests and in accordance with various regulations ASME-PED-CE.

The production departments are equipped for all the various mechanical turning, milling, drilling as well as the cutting, rolling, bending, welding manual, semi-automatic submerged arc.

The covered area of 2000 m² is working and is equipped with four bridge crane with capacity ranging from 6 to 20 tons of a hole open-close 4x4x4 meters for editing. Our company operates in the main international trade fairs.

The most recent were: Achema 2000 and 2003, CPHI Paris 2006, Milan 2007, Basel ILMAC 2007, CHPI Shanghai 2012.